Succulents are great houseplants because they require such low maintenance. But even succulents can die, which is terrible news for those of us who absolutely adore them! Luckily these faux succulent projects are completely NO MAINTENANCE. They’re a great way to add some greenery to your home and you can even put a unique spin on them by using interesting planters, (a teacup was one of my favorite Pinterest ideas)! I hope you love these 10 faux succulent DIYs and projects as much as I do!

Article image from LiaGriffith

1. Felt Vertical Garden

This vertical succulent garden is the perfect weekend project. It’s simple and chic, plus everyone’s going to ask you how you did it! Another great thing about this DIY is it only requires felt and a glue gun.

via LiaGriffith

2. DIY Cardboard Cacti

These cardboard succulents would be a stunning addition to any home! They’re eco-friendly and require no glue to assemble.

via TheHouseThatLarsBuilt

3. Watercolor Paper Cacti

Give your succulents a unique look with a wash of watercolor on thick paper. Then just trace the free printable template, cut, and assemble!

via ThinkMakeShareBlog

4. Crochet Succulents in Mason Jars

Mason jars and crochet succulents are a DIY marriage made in crafty heaven. Erica paints her mason jars matte and I cannot get enough of them!

via 5LittleMonsters

5. Air Dry Clay Succulents

Faux succulents could not get any more lifelike than this. I mean how absolutely stunning! And could you believe these were made with just clay and acrylic paint?

via LittleRedWindow

6. Paper Mache Cacti

If you’ve been looking for a craft to get your hands full of paper mache, this is it! These DIY cacti have a foam core and a paper mache exterior, which gives it that interesting textured look.

via DesignSponge

7. Paper Succulents 4 Ways

For this faux cacti project, you’ll need card stock and a glue gun. Lia also offers great ideas to display these paper succulents ranging from wreaths to mini planters.

via LiaGriffith

8. Faux Cacti Place Cards

Hand painted rocks have been taking the world by storm and of course, succulents had to join in on the fun. These place holders are perfect for parties, but I don’t mind a few on my desk!

via AFabulousFete

9. Faux Cacti Centerpiece

These faux cacti are made of foam and truly give off a dessert-y vibe. Add a dessert flower and plant in vibrantly colored rocks for an amazing centerpiece.

via AKailoChicLife

10. Pool Noodle DIY Cactus

Can you believe these cacti are actually pool noodles? I couldn’t believe it either until I saw Lily’s amazing DIY that transformed them before my eyes. These look so legit, no one would be able to tell the difference. Just make sure your roommates don’t accidentally water them. 🙂

via LilyArdor

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