Although alpacas and llamas resemble one another, they actually differ quite a bit in size, hair, and face shape. Llamas are bigger and thus tend to be used as pack animals. They also have elongated faces and banana sized ears. One thing’s for sure, they’re both pretty darn cute. Have fun with these 10 free alpaca and llama crochet patterns that are perfect additions to your home!

A Very Little Llama | via AnnaBoosHouse

Amigurumi Alpaca | Ravelry

The Friendly Llama | via TheFriendlyRedFox

Ragdoll Llama | via SpinAYarnCrochet

No Drama Llama | via RedHeart

Crochet Llama Bag | via BirdsAndCrickets

Allie the Alpaca | via MakeAndDoCrew

Falalala Llama | via PicotPals

Lovely Lola the Llama | HandcraftingALife

Hola! The Alpaca | via TheLittleDoor

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