Build wardrobe capsules for the seasons and present your best clothes forward with these 10 open closet ideas ideal for small bedrooms.

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1. Corner Wardrobe

A corner wardrobe is a great way to showcase your capsule. The adjacent walls allow for ample space to hang accessories. Consider attaching a mini shelf to one interior wall to store essentials. You can even add a perfume bar to help tie the design together.

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2. Modernistic Wood

Wood looks sleek against spacious white paint. Even if you have a difficult time with closet upkeep, this design will have your closet looking tidy anyway.

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3. Open Space

Open up the space in your bedroom with white flooring and walls. Contrast with a darker colored open wardrobe and you’ll make your closet stand out.

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4. Wood Accents

If you want a minimalistic design, keep things black. You can add accents of wood to help sophisticate the look. Keep only the essentials on extra shelving and add potted plants for greenery.

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5. Boho

For a boho look, aim for a white and tan theme. A nice garland can spruce up the surrounding area and add some contrast to the space. Learn how to DIY a boho macrame tassel here!


6. Cosmopolitan

Keep your capsule short and sweet. A cluttered open wardrobe can get out of hand FAST.


7. Neutral

For a sophisticated look, opt for a copper wardrobe. Learn how to make a copper clothing rack here.

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8. Rustic

Achieve a rustic design with both manufactured and raw wood. String lights will add atmosphere and warmth to your wardrobe.

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9. Open Showcase

Use your open wardrobe to showcase your favorite pieces. Add a large framed picture to even out the space.

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10. Add Space

If space allows, try to keep some distance between your wardrobe and other furniture. It’ll help make your room look more spacious and less cluttered.

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