Walls are blank canvases with endless possibilities. Check out these 10 unique DIY wall hanging ideas to liven up your interior.

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1. Tulle Wall Hanging

This large wall hanging is great to use as a backdrop for a dessert or cake table then bring it home and hang it on a wall.

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2. Modern Gold Tassel Wall Hanging

This gold accent modern wall hanging adds a boho touch to any interior and is a perfect weekend project.

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3. Witchy Moon Wall Hanging

Whether you’re a moon phase enthusiast or just like the celestial body’s graphic appeal, this super simple wall hanging will spruce up any space. And you don’t need to be a rocket scientist (or a heavy-duty DIY-er) to make it—just grab some clay and a cookie cutter and you’ll be moon walking through this project in no time.

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4. Gold Ring Wall Hanging

This DIY wall hanging makes quite a statement (and covers quite a bit of wall space), but it was so easy and inexpensive to make. Plus, there’s nothing I love more than a DIY home décor project since it combines two of my greatest obsessions: crafting and interior design.

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5. Tassel Wall Hanging

It’s as simple as making a ton of tassels out of yarn and hanging them from a dowel using twine. Honestly?! Done and done.

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6. Eucalyptus Wall Hanging

Eucalyptus, a plant native to Australia, is minimal and smells divine. So the idea of incorporating dried flowers or branches into a recent wall hanging I made seemed like a no-brainer. I highly recommend!

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7. Clipboard Loom Mini Weaving

This is a great intro to weaving DIY for beginners, especially for those who don’t own a loom.

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8. Woven Wall Hanging with Circle Design

Woven wall hangings are great for  up-cycling scraps of yarn and wool roving. A new wave of creative individuals are exploring this traditional textiles technique with fresh patterns, various surface textures from tassels (rya knots), pom poms and feathers to the use of interesting yarns and trimmings.

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9. Macrame Wall Hanging

A tie dye macrame project not for the faint of heart but so worth it.

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10. Vertical Macrame Wall Hanging

This DIY Macrame Wall Hanging tutorial is especially suitable for beginners! Despite the simple pattern, the macrame still looks fancy.

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