Are you ready for the 14th? If not, no worries! We’ve got you covered with these 14 adorably cute and creative DIY Valentines.

Article image from SayYes

1. DIY Punny Anti-Valentine

Looking for something a little less sweet but still awfully cute? DIY this card complete with a vial of red nerds for the ultimate anti-Valentine. (via OhHappyDay)

2. You’re The Cat’s Meow

Cats are so overrated. Said no one ever. Send your favorite peeps a meow this Valentine. (via LayBabyLay)

3. DIY Valentine  Arrow Cookie Picks

Dress up macarons (as if they needed to be more extra) with DIY arrow picks. (via SugarAndCloth)

4. Paper Lipstick Valentines

Treat the lovely ladies in your life with a handmade paper lipstick in a shade that shouts them! (via TheHouseThatLarsBuilt)

5. Mini Matchbox Valentine with Pocky Sticks

This is by far one one our favorite Valentines. It’s super creative and c’mon, strawberry Pockies? Yes, please. (via SayYes)

6. DIY Award Ribbon Valentine

Award ribbons are a fun way to congratulate your favs best features. All you’ll need are some card stock and ribbon! (via OhHappyDay)

7. DIY Tic Tac Toe Game

This free printable for Tic Tac Toe labels will let you show your Valentine who’s really boss. (via TarynWhiteaker)

8. DIY You’re Amazing Valentine

Valentine on a weekday? Snooze. Hit that reset button by giving your Valentines something to fidget with. (via OhHappyDay)

9. Paper Boat DIY Valentine

Sail away with this sweet Valentine treat! A few blue licorice twists make a wavy ocean for the boat to sail on. Folding the paper boats is an activity that young kids can really get into, if you want to make a lot for classmates. Ship Ahoy and Happy Valentine’s! (via OhHappyDay)

10. Peanut Valentine

These little guys are so fun to make, and they work perfectly for these punny Valentine’s Day cards – glue the peanut people into heart-shaped boxes, attach a note that reads “I’m nuts for you!” and you’ve got an adorable Valentine to give away. Happy Valentine’s Day!! (via HandmadeCharlotte)

11. Mini Chocolate Mailboxes

Give the gift of chocolate in a sweet way with these Mini Chocolate Mailboxes. (via NoBiggie)

12. Bubble Gum Valentines

These dollar store treats are cute, affordable, and oh so punny. (via SayYes)

13. Valentine Poppers

You can fill these cute Valentine poppers with lots of little goodies, confetti and they even making a popping noise! They are simple to assemble and take around 5 to 10 minutes to make. (via TheCraftingChicks)

14. Valentine’s Day Confetti-Filled Hearts

Show your special someone how much you care this Valentine’s Day with one of these cute sachets. Labelled with a sweet sentiment just for them, the tracing paper hearts hint at the colorful confetti (and secret love notes) hidden inside. (via TutsPlus)

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