Mickey Ears at Disneyland is like peanut butter and jelly. Inseparable. While Mickey Ears can cost quite a lot at the park, you can save money and have tons of fun with these 14 magical DIY Mickey Ears!

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1. Mickey Pirate Ears

If you love the Pirate’s of The Caribbean ride as much as I do, you HAVE to make these DIY Mickey ears! I mean, just look at the details!

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2. Jack Skellington Mouse Ears

DIY No-Sew Jack Skellington Mouse Ears – easy mouse ears tutorial and template for your next trip to the Happiest Place on Earth!

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3. Sunflower Mickey Ears

For just a few bucks you can DIY this super cute and trendy Mickey ears perfect for summertime.

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4. Chewbacca Mickey Ears

All that’s needed for these ears is an object with a 4″ diameter, fur (find teddy bear fur at your hobby store), Star Wars fabric, headband, and cardboard.  You’ll need thread and hot glue to assemble.

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5. Moana Mickey Ears

This Moana headband gets its inspiration from the Island of Tefiti after Moana and Maui restored its heart. It’s lush with fake moss and pretty tropical flowers with a nod to the sea with a few small seashells.

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6. Disney Mickey Ears 4 Ways

These Mickey Ears are no sew and can be made for under $10. That’s a lot better than $30, don’t ya think!

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7. Princess Leia Minnie Ears

DIY Princess Leia Minnie Ears – you’ll love how they look and how affordable they were to make!

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8. Floral Wire Minnie Ears

These Floral Wire Minnie Ears are great since you can customize them with whatever flowers and color theme you’d like.

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9. Pandora The World of Avatar Ears

Now you have Pandora – The World of Avatar Ears to take with you next time you visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom and show off!

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10. Enchanted Rose Ears


Enchanted Rose Ears is a fun craft with amazing results.

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11. Diamond Mickey Ears

You can use this tutorial to make your very own bling-y diamond Mickey ears. All these supplies can be easily acquired at your local craft store, and the ears themselves will take you a couple hours to make. But the result is pure happiness.

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12. Glow in the Dark Mickey Ears

DIY glow-in-the-dark mickey ears for less than $3 with a headband, glow sticks, and electrical tape. Worried your glow sticks won’t last all day? No problem, just switch them out when they need to be replaced!

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13. DIY Wire & Floral Mickey Mouse Ears

Harness your wire wrapping skills. These wire floral mickey ears are super trendy and will only set you back a few dollars.

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14. No Sew Mickey Ears

Last but not least, here’s a no sew mickey ears DIY that’s easy enough to do last minute. (I know, life happens.)

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