Florals are a great way to wear nail art this spring season. Brightly colored florals add a look of freshness and warmth, but it’s not the only option. If you prefer something more moderate in color, a nude color combo is an excellent choice. Dark lacquer with bright flower decals are another beautiful idea. Come get inspired with 36 of the most gorgeous floral nail art designs for spring!

1. Rainforest Florals on Nude Nails

via @nailthoughts

2. Fall Florals

via @nailthoughts

3. Soft Baby Pink

via @nailsbycambria

4. Spring Florals

via @ladycrappo

5. Brushed Flowers

via @syznails

6. Blue Roses

via @nailsbypuja

7. Dark Mauve Floral Nails

via @xglitzandpolishx

8. Winter Frosted Daisy

via @buffandpolish

9. Vintage Blue Florals

via @nailsbycambria

10. Minimal Grey

via @megtannahill

11. Glitter and Red Roses

via @justagirlandhernails

12. Elegant Floral Mani

via @sierranailsit

13. Ombre Floral Nails

via @nails_by_erin

14. Red Roses

via @coyarose

15. Peonies

via @thenailartbabe

16. Red Roses with Black Matte Nails

via @nyonbywhitney

17. Plaid Nails with Floral Decals

via @mynails_forfun

18. White and Black Striped Nails + Florals

via @nattallia0

19. Yellow and Floral Nails

via @nailthatdesign

20. Baby Pink Roses on Nude Nails

via @mart.marrt

21. Green and Gold Floral Mani

via @sanctuaryspatradition

22. Roses on Nude Lacquer

via @nailthoughts

23. Blue and Navy Floral Nails

via @flagelle_nailicious

24. Gold and Black Floral Mani

via @nailsbypuja

25. Black Floral Garden

via @nailsbymei

26. Reverse Jelly Stamped Floral Nails

via @justagirlandhernails

27. White and Floral Manicure

via @thenailmystic

28. Red Roses on White Lacquer

via @xglitzandpolishx

29. Yellow and Red Floral Nails + Bee

via @nailsbypuja

30. Red Polka Dots and White Daisies

via @nailsbypuja

31. Silver Lacquer Underneath Red Roses

via @shannasnailadventures

32. Glittery Pink Nails with Floral Stamp

via @nailandcreate

33. Teal and Yellow Floral Nails

via @nailsonthame

34. Colorful Spring Nails

via @nattallia0

35. Modern Spring Nails

via @25sweetpeas

36. Pink Roses + Polka Dot + Rhinestone Accents

via @nattallia0

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