Who can be more iconic than Ariana Grande? We love her for her music and her amazing style sense. But let’s face it. That girl can rock anything. If you love Ari as much as we do, here are 8 trendy Ariana Grande inspired nail art designs you need in your life.

1. Thank U, Next

Here’s a stunning mani – the infamous Burn Book’s block text complete with Ari’s equally worldwide lyrics. To get this look, you’ll need a fine nail art brush to paint the blocks and also fill in the letters. Colors needed: pink + hot pink + black + white. (via @badgirlnails)

2. Thank U, Next in Purple Glam

Not hot for pink? Thank You, Next looks good in any color. If you don’t want to draw the blocks, simply paint in the famous lyrics on an accent nail. (via @upihuncho)

3. Ari Soft Pink Bunny Nails

For a cute throwback, don baby pink nails with black accents instead. Add a pearl because that’s what Ariana would do. (via @menchan_nail)

4. Thank U, Next Rendition Numero Dos

Here’s another look at Ari’s Thank U, Next nails. This one seems totally doable! (via @bysarah___)

5. 7 Rings

How perfect are these 7 Rings inspired nails? Japanese details on point. (via @nailsbymatth)

6. God is a Woman Galaxy Nails

These Ari inspired nails are truly artistic. Not only is the galaxy lacquer flawless, Ari’s face is on a nail! (via @decenails)

7. Ariana Sweetener Cloud Manicure

Inspired by Ariana’s Sweetener nails, these cloud manis will leave you on cloud 9. For this look, apply blobs of grey and white polish onto your nail and use a sandwich bag to smudge the colors to create a marbled look. (via @nails_by_erin) Check out this super helpful and genius tutorial by Erin:

8. Burn Book Nails

Last but not least, we go back to the beginning. Hot pink is a Burn Book classic. Recreate this look when you’re feeling super sassy. (via @sassy_manis)

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