Love taking polaroids? Instead of having your stunning pics sit on a desk, show them off with these 10 creative DIY polaroid displays.

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1. DIY Wooden Polaroid Stands

These DIY wooden polaroid displays make for the perfect desk additions or home decor trinkets. Even better, you can make the displays in almost no time flat.

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2. DIY Photo Wall Hanging

With this simple wall hanging DIY, you can put up your polaroids in a cool and modern way, perfect for hanging up inspiration in a work space or just a casual way to house memories.

via HomeyOhMy

3. Wooden Strip Polaroid Display

Attach clips to wooden slates to make a rustic interchangeable polaroid display.

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4. Polaroid Photo Wall Display

The easiest polaroid photo wall and it costs maybe under $10 tops. Enjoy!

via MelissaTee

5. DIY Flip Desktop Photo Album

Marble, stained wood, and gold aren’t the first things most people think of when it comes to handmade gifts, so this is already a winning DIY in my book.

via SugarAndCloth

6. DIY Marble Polaroid Display

Marbled wallpaper makes this one elegant looking DIY.

via SurelySimple

7. Macrame Photo Wall Hanging

Macrame and polaroids come together as one in this functional DIY wall decor piece.

via Urk-Art

8. Birch Pillar Photo Holder

A simple rustic polaroid display that’s small enough to fit on your desk or along a windowsill.

via MakeCakies

9. DIY Polaroid Garland

DIYs which require zero skill to put together are the best kind of DIYs, am I right? A DIY Instagram photo garland is a super simple concept and only takes about 5 minutes to put together, but it looks rather lovely and you can take pride in telling everyone you made it yourself.

via ElevatorMusik

10. DIY Metal Wall Grid

This DIY is as simple as thrifting a metal grid and spray painting it the color you want. Add binder clips to attach polaroids and more!

via DIYinPDX

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