Ikea’s three tier rolling Raskog has found more ways into our hearts than one. Check out these 10 genius ways to use Ikea’s iconic Raskog cart.

Article image from Ikea

1. Nightstand

My personal favorite is using the cart as a nightstand. This is super for people that like to keep more than just the bare essentials at bedside and need more storage flexibility. Keep an alarm clock, trinket dishes, your glasses (both kinds), books, throw blankets, flowers, all of it in this cart.

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Here’s another way to style your bedside cart. Accessories like a cute mug and wire basket go a long way to add functionality and style to your Raskog.

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2. Rolling Vanity

This IKEA Makeup Vanity Cart is the perfect solution for a too small, or shared bathroom.  I love a good IKEA hack and this IKEA Raskog hack has to be one of my favorite ones to date!

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3. Diaper Changing Station

This organized station will make diaper changes a breeze. You can even make a breastfeeding station with water, snacks, etc.

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4. Art Cart

An Art Cart is the perfect way to organize our favorite kids art supplies. We love that it can be rolled to wherever they are working (or even rolled into a closet to restrict use.)

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5. Craft Cart

The Ikea RASKOG Utility Cart is a crafters best friend! This 3 shelf cart is propped up on wheels making it easy for you to move and also perfect for tight spaces. So many options for storage as well.

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6. Rolling Herb Garden

This is probably the easiest hack you’ll ever do. All it involves is a bit of gold contact paper and some washi tape to decorate – and you loads the cart with your favorite cooking and herb plants. I included a bunch of cooking herbs and plants (sage, basil, rosemary, thyme, parsley, cilantro, etc), as well as a few flowers that you can cook with (lavender, violets).

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7. Succulent Garden

This portable garden is a great way to add greenery anywhere you are in the home. You can easily push the succulents outside for some sunbathing and back inside when it storms.

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8. Bar Cart

A bar cart, when styled correctly, is the perfect cocktail of cozy and elegant with a shot of old-school authority. Ideally meant for a living room or kitchen, it adds charming storage and ambiance for impromptu entertaining. You’ve probably seen these bar carts all over Pinterest and Instagram—because, let’s be honest, they make for one super chic and classy room.

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9. Shoe Organizer

This is a stunning way to store your shoes in a small space.

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10. Bathroom Cart

Another option is to use it in the bathroom, great for anyone with really limited storage space in this area.  It can be extra storage for toiletries, beauty products, or an external caddy for shower items.

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