There’s something about balconies that whisper romance, excitement, and relaxation. But because they tend to be small, they’re often overlooked. There are a lot of ways to liven up a balcony, large or small, and I promise after you’ve given it some decorum, you’ll never want to leave. Here are 10 small balcony inspiration and ideas that’ll open your eyes to the possibilities of this amazing untouched space.

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1. A Touch of Flora

Add flowers and plants to create a calming air for your balcony. Wooden slates contribute to a refined look while furniture pieces add comfortable seating for any occasion.

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2. Reading Nook

Install a bed for a cozy reading nook. Add large lightbulb string lights to illuminate the balcony and give it a rustic look.

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3. Pretty in Pink

Use coordinating colors and pieces to show off your unique style. Recycle pallets to build an affordable seating area that blends well with any design.

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4. Beach Theme

Include a sand toned rug to set the mood for a beach themed balcony. Wooden wind chimes, paper lanterns, and the grass balcony cover work together to create a cohesive beach-y vibe.

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5. Southwest Living

This Southwestern style balcony uses pallets as its main furniture piece, but its black and white contrast make this design stand out in a much different way. The darker toned pieces add to its allure while the live cactus ties it all together.

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6. Modern Balcony

For a modern balcony, stick to contrasting neutral colors. Decor items like a wire wreath and large white candles are simple, yet unique enough to make a statement.

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7. Contemporary Balcony

Contrast bright colors with different shapes and textures for a unique balcony. A hammock is a great way to add a bit of fun and whimsy to a small space.

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8. Mini Garden

Shelving units or an Ikea Raskog cart can add extra space for potted plants.

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9. Pop of Color

Differences in the flooring and walls lend this balcony decor idea its boho look. Fun accessories and lots of plants make for a super cozy balcony.

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10. Plantlife

Let plants take over in the best way possible. Keep things minimally chic with tons of beautiful and unique potted plants for a true balcony garden.

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